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Regex & Priority Events

Switchboard Pro

The --regex-pattern & priority flags are a GoReleaser Pro feature. You will need to purchase a license for switchboard-pro before using this feature.

Below is an example of how you can use a regex pattern to match for very specific file names in events. In conjunction with this, you can set a priority value on each watcher to determine the order of precendence in which the events should be processed.

The below watcher will try and match for a txt document that matches the filename, and it will process that event first before any other.

pollingInterval: 10
- path: "/home/user/Downloads"
  destination: "/home/user/Documents"
  ext: ".txt"
  pattern: "(?i)(financial-report-[a-z]+-[0-9]+.txt)"
  priority: 0
- path: "/home/user/Downloads"
  destination: "/home/user/Videos"
  ext: ".mp4"
  priority: 1


If you plan to use priority attributes in the context of multiple watchers from a config file, you need to ensure you add a priority to every watcher in the list.

Priority values are in descending order. In this case 0 is the highest priority watcher.