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You can install switchboard pre-compiled binary in a number of ways.


brew tap Cian911/switchboard
brew install switchboard

// Check everything is working as it should be
switchboard -h

You can also upgrade the version of switchboard you already have installed by doing the following.

brew upgrade switchboard

As of version 0.3.0 we now support Docker with switchboard. Please check the releases page for the latest version available.

docker pull${VERSION}

docker run -d -v ${SRC} -v ${DEST}${VERSION} watch -h

Go Install

go install${VERSION}


You can download the pre-compiled binary for your specific OS type from the OSS releases page. You will need to copy these and extract the binary, then move it to you local bin directory. See the example below for extracting a zipped version.

sudo tar -xvf ${PACKAGE_NAME} -C /usr/local/bin/
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/switchboard

Installing Pro

Once you purchase a pro/enterprise license from Gumroad you will get a link and a license key to download and use the switchboard-pro binary. You can follows docs within this site for all pro features.