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Swithcboard Pro gives you extra features and support over the free open-source version.

Purchasing a pro or enterprise license for Switchboard Pro helps us to continue working on both the pro and free version of the software, and bring more features to YOU!

  • Support for prioritising specific file events over others.
  • Regex support so you can watch for any file name or type you choose.
  • Support for archival file extractions, .zip/.rar et al.
  • Support for optional file removal.
  • Product support should you run into any issues.
  • Access to product roadmap.
  • Priority feature requests.

Get Switchboard Pro

Purchasing either pro or enterprise license will allow you to use all current and future versions of switchboard-pro as long as your subscription remains active.

Using switchboard-pro

Once you purchase switchboard-pro from GumRoad, you'll get a link to download a binary (choose your OS flavour) as well as an api key to use with the tool. You can pass this as an argument to the watch command via the -k or --api-key flags.


If you don't have the need to purchase a pro license for switchboard-pro you can always still support me by sponsoring me on Github. I have also been known to throw out some free licenses to supporters too! ;)

Thank you for all the support!